December 8, 2022

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Montreux Accord twisted – Russian arms traffic through the banned Bosphorus? – News


Ankara can prevent military ships from crossing the strait near Istanbul to the Black Sea. But Moscow is now loading weapons on public cargo ships, two experts suspect.

Fully loaded cargo ships and tankers from around the world sail on the Phosphorus via Istanbul, en route from the Mediterranean to the Black Sea. Warships from countries other than Turkey have not passed since the closure of the Ankara International Strait three months ago due to the Ukraine war.

The right granted to her during the war by the Montrooks Conference in 1936. Ukrainian ambassadors say Turkey may have saved Odessa by blocking phosphorus because Russia has been unable to bring more warships from its Pacific Fleet into the Black Sea.

Phosphorus is closed to the Navy, but merchant shipping continues unhindered.

This is different from Russian arms trafficking, says Yoruk Izik, a defense expert with the Middle East Company: “Phosphorus war is closed to navies, but merchant shipping continues unhindered.”

Civilian ships with weapons are suspected

That is the trick: “The Russian navy uses merchant ships. Two civilian ships and another civilian ship from the Russian Defense Ministry’s logistics company Oboronlogistica carry weapons to Russia via Phosphorus – weapons and logistics, in both directions.

Other civilian ships carry weapons to Russia via Phosphorus – weapons and logistics, in both directions.

This did not come as a surprise to those familiar with Russian politics. Kerim Haas, an expert on Russian-Turkish relations, says: “It is true that Russia uses civilian ships to transport military supplies and personnel throughout Phosphorus.

Russian troops in Ukraine will be strengthened with supplies from Syria and Libya.

Therefore, it would be good for Russian troops in Ukraine to reinforce supplies from Syria and Libya – this way and through airspace in the Caspian Sea, according to Haas.

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From Novorossiysk to Syria

Deliveries go from Kaliningrad in the Baltic Sea to Novorossiysk in the Black Sea, ISIC notes. He works with dozens of other observers to monitor these ships across the world’s oceans and determine their cargo.

It is complex and takes a long time, but in phosphorus it is relatively easy. Ships sail there in the middle of Istanbul.

The Russian Defense Ministry alone has six or seven ships stationed here.

ISIC can photograph vehicles or special containers loaded from its window: “We are talking about at least a dozen ships that regularly sail through the phosphorus. The Russian Defense Ministry alone has six or seven ships stationed here.

Along with other ships sailing on behalf of the Ministry, up to 18 ships operate here.

ISIC continues: “Up to 18 ships will operate here, along with other ships sailing on behalf of the Ministry.”

Isik may mention a few, including Pizhma, Sparta 2 and Ursa Major. His information is consistent with that of the Ukrainian ambassadors to Turkey.

Erdogan needs Russian money

Diplomatic sources say Ukraine wants Turkey to pay close attention to these ships and their cargo. The expert is skeptical: “Erdogan can not confuse Moscow or affect relations with Russia. The Turkish tourism season has begun. “

He says: “Erdogan wants to get Russian money out of Western sanctions into the crisis-ridden Turkish economy. In addition, the Montreux Agreement did not allow Turkey to inspect civilian ships coming from neighboring countries. I think Turkey is turning a blind eye, at least for now. “

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