May 21, 2024

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The “Xinjiang Police Files” reveal the true nature of China

What a week for the rulers of China! Xi Jinping released three negative headlines. On the one hand, US President Joe Biden has promised to rush to military aid to democratic Taiwan in the event of a Chinese attack. Xi Jinping, whose democracy thrives on his doorstep, has repeatedly threatened to invade and occupy the island state if he does not “reunite” the People’s Republic.

Whistleblower police open about Uyghur test

Torture up to confession: Whistleblower police open about Uyghur test(01:58)

Shortly afterwards, the “Xinjiang Police Files” went public. 14 internationally renowned media outlets have evaluated and verified the authenticity of thousands of photographs and documents proving the terrorism of the Xi group in the northwestern province of his country: one million people have been imprisoned, humiliated and tortured. Xi Jinping’s goal is to make Uyghur culture and way of life inferior to the Han Chinese and to unabashedly exploit the resource-rich province.