June 15, 2024

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Vladimir Putin wants his daughter to be in a high political position

Vladimir Putin wants his daughter to be in a high political position

Cancer rumors make many suspect that Vladimir Putin will not be president of Russia for long. But power must obviously be in the family.

Briefly essential

  • Rumors of Vladimir Putin’s cancer have been circulating for months.
  • Speculation about who will come after him has been around for a long time.
  • Now a source says his daughter Katrina Dikonova may be in the pipeline.

That is a theory Not for the first time Rounds: Can Russian President Vladimir Putin name his daughter Katarina Dikonova as his successor?

The rumor was spread by Telegram Channel General SVR. Kremlin-Powered by Exile Insider. Putin is reportedly considering taking the 35-year-old with him Parliament Send – they want to get “high rank”.

The reason for consideration should be that his health has deteriorated. The channel has long claimed that the Kremlin boss is suffering from this CrippsParkinson’s disease and schizophrenic disorder.

“Putin’s inner circle is once again talking about the need for a consensus for the elite as Russian leaders.” We need a person who can guarantee the status of the Russian elite.

“The elite must understand the future without Vladimir Putin”

Dikonova’s candidacy is once again being hotly debated. “I have to say that everyone around Putin recently, without exception, supports this idea.” With walking Ukraine war There is apparent uncertainty: “The elite are demanding a clearer understanding of the future without Putin.”

Of KremlinLocals say how Putin’s deputy is organized in an emergency: Cardinal Nikolai Badrushev is about to be hired.

Russian expert Ulrich Schmidt explained this to Nau.ch. The possibility has recently been considered impossible. “As a hardliner, Badrushev is weak. He is considered the mastermind behind the invasion. This is not a success story from the Kremlin’s point of view.”

Do you think Putin’s daughter will become president?

The intruder also acts as Putin’s successor, as well as Dmitry, Badrushev’s son. The 44-year-old is already the Minister of Agriculture Parliament. However he acknowledged that their numbers were not enough to defeat President Putin’s government. In fact, it will be verified Kremlin But from Dikonova, he thinks.

Since 2018, Vladimir Putin’s second daughter has appeared frequently in public – even on state television. Before you try Dad To keep them secret from the public for many years.

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