May 24, 2024

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Missing Jasmine M (21) murdered by ex (42)?

Near the Swiss border

Jasmin (21) has been missing for over a month – ex-boyfriend (42) is silent

21-year-old Jasmin M. from Eigeltingen near Radolfzell has been missing for a month. Her ex, Robert S. The police suspect that he killed her. But so far there is no trace of the body.


On February 18th, Jasmine M.

Police Headquarters in Constance

  • Jasmine M. (21) Robert S. With a man twice his age, he had a relationship with her before breaking up with her.

  • Now she’s gone – S. He is in custody.

  • Investigators are looking for Jasmine’s body in what they believe was a violent crime.

Jasmin M. (21) from Eigeltingen (D) has been missing for six weeks. The “Südkurier” (paid item) Now her ex-boyfriend Robert S. (42) speculates that he may have killed his girlfriend, half his age, and made the body disappear. The truth is: The state attorney suspects a violent crime behind the young woman’s disappearance, and Robert S. “What we believe is a violent crime, the allegation is part of the investigation,” a spokesman said. According to the newspaper’s investigation, Jasmine left her boyfriend before disappearing on February 19, 2023.

S. If guilty, he made every effort to hide it. On February 24, Robert S. He shared a search call posted by his mother. The police arrested him the next day. So far the man has remained stubbornly silent.

Did Jasmine’s ex drive into Lake Constance?

It was only a few days after her disappearance that investigators found Jasmine’s car, a black Toyota Corolla, in a parking lot near Bora Spa in Radolfzell. For days, the police searched with a large force around the place where it was found and in the Undersea – in vain. Investigators now believe the suspect drove the car there — possibly to lure police into the wrong lane.

Robert S. Despite owning a motorboat, the 42-year-old has not been seen at the Hochhein Motorboat Club in Waldshut for a long time. According to their own reports, the police examined the boat for clues and, together with the water police, conducted searches on the High Rhine. The screens of a hydroelectric plant were also checked – with no results. Police now believe the crime scene to be in or around the Heidedorf district of Egelding, where several searches have taken place since Monday.

Search operations near Jasmine’s residence

Police have now put forward their own theory: According to it, the suspect may have taken his victim or his body in one of two vans, of which police have released images – an orange Volkswagen Bus T4 and a white Fiat Ducato van with advertising – and hid in a wooded area north of Heudorf. Search operations are also planned in the area today, Friday, and the “Südkurier” continues in the coming week. “We are still working on the remaining forest areas that emerged during the assessment,” a police spokesperson was quoted as saying. All clues and clues have yet to be evaluated.

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Investigators are also awaiting the results of a forensic investigation State Criminal Police Office (LKA) in Stuttgart, It analyzes traces from the transporter where the victim was transported. There is hope that at least 21-year-old Jasmine M.’s body will be found and the case closed.

Police are still asking for information: The missing man is described as 1.52 meters tall and of strong build. She has shoulder-length, dark blonde hair and blue-gray eyes and wears a black nose piercing. The Rottweil Directorate of Criminal Investigation is taking tips by phone at +49 741 477 8000.

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