June 15, 2024

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Luke Mogridge plays the “battered victim”

Luke Mogridge is in a psychiatric hospital after being charged with abuse. Fellow comedian Thomas Spitzer sees this as an excuse.

Briefly essentials

  • Many women accuse Luke Mogridge of harassment.
  • The comedian is in a mental hospital due to the “witch hunt” of the internet.
  • Hazel Brooker’s husband, Thomas Spitzer, accused him of playing a “victim victim.”

Allegations of violence against German comedian Luke Mogridge (32). After his ex-girlfriend tried on him Rape The accused, who arrived earlier in September Other alleged victims To talk.

On social media, users have long demanded “consequences for the look”. The comedian has consistently strongly denied the allegations and is currently retiring.

The whole story left its mark on the comedian. As announced by “Bild am Sonntag” Luke Mogridge is currently In a psychiatric hospital Treatment.

A friend: “Luke no longer understands the world, he is completely depressed psychologically. This is an incredible one. Haas, Especially from Website, Destroy him. “The comedian sees Shitstorm as a” witch hunt “.

“Not allowed”

Despite being hospitalized, the 32-year-old’s critique has not diminished – on the contrary! Many see the report as an attempt to portray the accused as a victim.

After all, Zurich is the husband of comedian Hazel Brooker (27) and Thomas Spitzer (33). On Twitter He releases his frustration: “You may have done bad things and been in psychotherapy. It is very obvious how his team is trying to push the story of the poor victim who was victimized by the ‘internet mob’ and the ‘witch hunt’.

Spitzer continues: “I sometimes have DepressionsIs that why I’m an angel? No. Mental illness is not a protective shield, a sack or a free ticket.

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