June 18, 2024

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Kindergartens worry

The Netflix series “Squid Game” is on everyone’s lips. This series is not for children because of violence; It is allowed from the age of 16. As “No” Reports, however, suggest that children are acting out scenes from the Korean series and already doing so in kindergarten. In Basel-Stadt, a school area now wants to get parents’ attention and send out a warning letter.

The letter, written to parents by “Now”, states that kindergarten children and schoolchildren are watching the program and re-enacting its content with “very close attention.” Primary school Theodore school administration is concerned that violent scenes may have a negative impact on the psyche and development of children. Children were observed practicing pantomime for losers in children’s games.

According to the letter, the teachers intend to address this by discussing the topic with their students. The purpose is to prevent further re-enactment of the “Squid Game” movie. Parents are requested that they adhere to the age limits of the series they show to their children.

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