June 22, 2024

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Lörrach-Stetten: Man (22) races across intersection – five injured

Lörrach-Stetten: Man (22) races across intersection – five injured


Man (22) raced unhindered across the intersection – five injured

A horrific accident occurred at the Weiler Straße intersection on Thursday afternoon. According to the police, a 22-year-old man was traveling “at a very high speed”. Five people were injured, many seriously.


A violent confrontation broke out at the Weiler Straße intersection on Thursday afternoon.

Lörrach Volunteer Fire Department

  • A serious frontal collision occurred in Lörrach-Stetten on Thursday afternoon.

  • Police headquarters in Freiburg said the 22-year-old driver was traveling at “excessive speed”.

  • 5 people were injured in the accident, 3 of them are in critical condition.

A serious traffic accident between two cars occurred at the intersection of Weiler Strasse in Lörrach-Stetten on Thursday afternoon. A rescue team consisting of the Lörrach volunteer fire brigade, the Weil am Rhein fire brigade, the police and several other rescue services had to evacuate. The Lörrach Volunteer Fire Brigade announced this on Facebook. In the comments, many suspected that at least one car was traveling too fast. “Someone ran too fast,” writes one. And: “God, do you have to run like that?” asks a woman. “You can reach your goal slowly and healthily.”

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The 22-year-old driver who caused the accident was driving at least “high speed” on the “Ob der Gass” road, according to a media release from the Freiburg police headquarters. He wanted to cross the Weiler Straße intersection without braking and ignored the 55-year-old driver.

As a result, the two cars collided head-on, resulting in a horrific collision. A total of five people were injured. The 22-year-old crashed his car into a pillar and a junction box, then stopped after about 35 meters next to a shop on Kappelstrasse.

Three were seriously injured

A 55-year-old woman’s car overturned and crashed into an electric pole. The driver and his 57-year-old passenger were seriously injured. The person who caused the accident and a passenger with him suffered minor injuries while his passenger sustained serious injuries.

Rescue services took the injured to hospital, while firefighters secured the scene and the accident vehicles to ensure fire safety. The damaged lamp and distribution box were removed and secured by the Lorak City Depot. Total damage is estimated at 60,000 euros.

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