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Crown Prince Hussain and his Rajwa are about to celebrate their wedding

Crown Prince Hussain and his Rajwa are about to celebrate their wedding

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Crown Prince Hussain marries his Rajwa – these guests are invited to the celebration

The next big royal wedding is coming soon. The Jordanian Palace recently released details of the Crown Prince’s wedding celebration.


In August 2022, they announced their engagement: on June 1, Crown Prince Hussein and Rawja Al Saif will exchange vows in Jordan.


A big celebration is coming up in Jordan: Crown Prince Hussein (28) is getting married to his Rajwa Al Saif (29) on June 1. It was already celebrated in March The Jordanian royal family married Hussein’s sister Iman (26) with Jameel Alexander Thermiotis (28). However, the crown prince’s wedding will be bigger and better – after all, he will be king one day.

The ceremony will take place at Sahran Palace in the country’s capital, Amman, where King Abdullah, 61, and Queen Rania, 52, also tied the knot. The procession for the newlyweds then proceeds to Al-Husayniyyah Palace. A festive dinner awaits the famous wedding party. Dress code for guests: “black tie” – and no crowns are indicated.

From Japan to Sweden – these noble guests travel

In contrast to Princess Iman’s wedding, the crown prince is also expected to have international dignitaries. For example, Crown Prince Frederik (54) and Crown Princess Mary (51) will travel from Denmark to Jordan. Among the invited guests were Crown Princess Victoria (45) and Prince Daniel (49) of Sweden. unaccompanied by him Critically ill Mrs. Mette-Marit (49) Crown Prince Haakon (49) will arrive from Norway.

Queen Máxima, 52, and King Willem-Alexander, 56, of the Netherlands also recently announced their participation in the royal dream wedding. In addition, the heir to the throne, Amalia (19) move to Jordan with her parents. Princess Takamado (69) and her daughter Princess Tsukuko (37) will be from the Japanese Imperial Court, as will King Abdullah (63) and Queen Aziza (62) from Malaysia.

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It is not yet known which guests from the British royal family will attend the wedding. Prince William, 40, and Queen Rania are said to be on good terms. Princess Kate (41) feels connected to Jordan. Because she spent two years in the country as a child. The royal family has yet to confirm whether the Prince and Princess of Wales will make the long trip.

Princess Iman of Jordan and Jameel Alexander Thermiotis got married in March.

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