May 21, 2024

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In Vienna, 44,000 people protested against the Corona operation

This Saturday, 44,000 people gathered in Vienna to protest against the mandatory vaccination and corona measures. 1400 policemen are engaged in security work.

Briefly essentials

  • Thousands of people protested in Vienna against the corona policy in Austria.
  • 20,000 people gathered and about 1,400 police were on duty.
  • After the new, drastic measures, there are more and more demonstrations.

Thousands of people in Vienna on Saturday protested the re-matching corona measures Government Announced compulsory vaccination proved.

According to the Austrian news agency APA, about 20,000 people gathered in the capital, Heldenblatz, citing police information. Among other things, the leader of the right-wing populist wanted there FPÖ, Herbert Giggle, Speak. A protest march was planned following this.

Authorities say about 44,000 people took part.

According to the APA, a total of 32 demonstrations have been recorded in Vienna, seven of which have been banned. About 1,400 police are involved in the security operation. You have to go for one The quiet course of the struggles And ensure compliance with applicable Govt regulations.

More demonstrations since the vaccine was announced

A partial lockout practice is in place across Austria for three weeks, ending on Sunday. Almost everything was closed at this time, and only schools and shops were open for daily necessities. In addition, the Government The general corona vaccine is available from 1 February.

Since the announcement of this rule, protests against epidemic control measures have again increased significantly. Demonstration last weekend More than 40,000 people in Vienna.

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