April 19, 2024

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Storms in five states – USA: Hurricane brings death and disaster – Recovery continues – News

  • In many states in the United States, news agencies report that a series of hurricanes have killed and injured many.
  • The search for hurricane victims in the Southeast and Central America is still ongoing during these hours.
  • The state of Kentucky in particular has been hard hit. There the governor spoke of at least 50 dead and perhaps 70 to 100 affected.
  • Many victims have also been reported from Tennessee and Arkansas.

On Friday evening (local time) a number of hurricanes hit several US states. In the western state of Kentucky alone, there may have been “at least 50 deaths,” Governor Andy Bezier said in an interview with CNN local broadcaster WLKY.

Search and rescue teams in western Kentucky are still searching for debris Saturday morning (local time). The exact number of dead and missing is still unclear. Sarah Burgess of the Kentucky State Police Department said: “Currently the number could not be confirmed because we are still in action and several officers are involved in the relief.

Biden talks about “unimaginable daytime fear”

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With dozens of people dead in the aftermath of a devastating hurricane in the United States, US President Joe Biden has promised the federal government to support the affected states. “Losing a loved one in a storm like this is an unimaginable tragedy,” Biden said. “We are working with the governors to make sure they have everything they need.”

Rescue workers will use heavy equipment to clear the rubble of a candle factory damaged by the hurricane in Mayfield. Coroners have been called to the scene and the bodies have already been recovered. But she did not know how many.

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The candle factory collapsed

The roof of the candle factory in Mayfield collapsed. During the hurricane, there were about 110 people in the factory. Governor Bessier: “We believe we are going to lose dozens of these people. It’s very hard, very difficult, and we pray for each of these families.

According to CNN, at least 24 hurricanes hit five US states on Saturday night. In addition to Kentucky, Arkansas and Illinois, Tennessee and Missouri were also affected. The front of the same storm moved eastward on Saturday (local time) and could cause further hurricanes in the area from northern Louisiana to southern Ohio, CNN writes, citing the U.S. meteorological agency Noah.

The roof of the warehouse collapsed

A train derailed in Earlington, Kentucky and collided with several houses. According to local broadcast KYWX, experts are investigating Hopkins County Sheriff Matt Sanderson, what items he loaded and how many people were injured. So far only minor injuries have been reported.

In Edwardsville, southern Illinois, the storm caused the roof of the Amazon distribution center to partially collapse. It was not immediately clear whether the damage was caused by a hurricane or a normal storm. At least 100 rescue vehicles are in use. In the warehouse, a wall along the length of the football field and its roof collapsed.

At least one person was killed in the process, according to local officials. Two people in the building were airlifted to the hospital for treatment. About 30 people were taken by bus to the police station at nearby Pandoon beach, where they were interrogated.

Accurate overview of damage and potential victims in the affected U.S. states is currently very difficult, and information is constantly changing.