June 22, 2024

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In this way, Omigron can achieve super immunity

Researchers have found the best protection against Omigran: vaccination and recovery. Nevertheless, they advise against voluntary infection with the corona virus.

Briefly essentials

  • Superimmune immunity against corona also protects against the Omigron variant.
  • In one study, people performed better after vaccination and recovery.
  • However, researchers are still calling for a booster for the new variant.

Two vaccines against the corona virus did not provide adequate protection against the Omikron variant. That’s why science, politics and medicine call it a booster. It provides better protection, but vaccine improvements can still occur. But it still works better According to the researchers, “super immunity.

This type of immunity has already been used September by American researchers Delta confirmed strong defenses against variance. According to Austrian scientists led by Annika Rosler from the University of Innsbruck, it also protects against omigran. It goes from pre-release to a smaller version Study Not yet verified by neutral experts.

Corona virus: Pfizer protects against Omigron better than Moderna

Those who are vaccinated against corona and recover from it will have higher immunity. In early September, the study authors were optimistic that super-immunity would be effective against all future variants. This is at least true for the Omigron variant.

Vaccinated and cured individuals were able to neutralize the omigran variant of the corona virus better than others. Neutralization was minimal in returnees. As stated in it Study Neither vaccine can protect against either the AstraZeneca or Modern vaccine.

Vaccine from Pfizer Provides slightly better protection. The best protection against infection is moderna and cross-vaccination Pfizer Achieved.

What vaccine have you been given?

Despite the findings Researchers advise against voluntary infection. Instead, they recommend the rapid development of omigran-adapted vaccines.

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