May 24, 2024

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Famous Iranian actress arrested for removing headscarf!

An Iranian actress has been arrested for taking off her veil

“Maybe this will be my last post”

A well-known Iranian woman removes her veil in public. Shortly after, the regime critic was arrested. Before she says maybe this is the last sign of life. Mullahs are cracking down on celebrities.


Famous Iranian actress and fierce critic of the regime, Hengame Ghasiani, has been arrested.

Two popular actresses have been arrested in Iran for their support of anti-government protests. Six people have already been sentenced to death in connection with the protests.

Actresses Hengame Ghasiani, 52, and Kadajun Riahi, 60, were arrested after removing their headscarves in public, Iranian state media reported on Sunday. Cassiani, 52, who has been critical of the authorities’ crackdown on protesters, posted a video on Instagram on Saturday evening in which he took off his headscarf. Then she ties her long hair in a ponytail to the accompaniment of revolutionary music.