June 18, 2024

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Due to low water levels in Germany, hunger stones are open

They warn of drought and hardship

Deeper measurements now reveal hungry stones

A period of severe drought affects the whole of Europe. Another alarming phenomenon has now appeared in German rivers: Centuries-old hunger stones are emerging due to low water levels. They warn of drought and hardship.


“Weep if you see me”: Pacic stone from 1616 to Ticin on the Elbe (today’s Czech Republic).

A period of severe drought causes lakes and rivers to dry up in Europe. In some places the water level is now so low that certain ships carrying cargo cannot go through.

In Emmerich, Germany, near the Dutch border, the level of the Rhine River dropped to 0 on Tuesday. again”Spiegel» Reports, another alarming phenomenon is now emerging: Centuries-old hunger stones are being discovered in German rivers due to low water levels. In fact, these should be completely covered by water and only appear when the water level is very low.