June 22, 2024

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Donetsk: Putin friend who celebrated birthday in war zone – injured

Killed and wounded in Donetsk

Putin’s friend was injured in a rocket attack at his birthday party

A lavish birthday party for Putin’s friend Dmitry Rogozin ended abruptly on Wednesday. The former Roscosmos boss was injured when a rocket hit the party hall. Two people die.


Putin’s friend Dmitry Rogozin was injured at a birthday party.

Russian space agency Roscosmos says it has been injured in a Ukrainian airstrike in Donetsk. Dmitry Rogozin, 59, told the Telegram online service on Thursday that his back was injured by shrapnel and required surgery.

According to Rogozin, the incident took place at a “work meeting” in a hotel restaurant. Only: This information is incorrect! Ironically, Russian state broadcaster Rossiya 24 has stabbed Putin’s confidant in the back. The broadcaster announced that the former Roscosmos boss was not holding a work meeting, but a lavish birthday party.