April 15, 2024

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Dog Food for More Muscle: It’s Behind the Crazy Trend

Dog Food for More Muscle: It’s Behind the Crazy Trend

Lots of proteins

Fitness influencers eat dog food to build muscle

It’s high in protein and cheap: According to TikTok users, dog food will soon replace protein shakes: but is it convincing in terms of taste and ingredients?


Dog food for high protein before a workout? This tip can now be found on TikTok.

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The same shakes and bands continue on the body after the workout Adequate proteins In terms of presentation, the taste is basically boring. The latest alternative to the TikTok community: dog food.

It started with user @kizaro.adm, and dog food is especially high in protein. “Don’t Google how much protein is in dog food. You might be tempted.” Behold – this is what happened to New York-based fitness influencer Henry Clarisi, who dared to try:

“like little pieces of shit”

What’s really desirable about the packaging – is the dog food with different flavors Chicken soupsteak fries or filet mignon — unfortunately didn’t taste as good: “The dog food was so dry. I had to drink a lot of water after eating it,” Clarice told BuzzFeed News when asked about her experience.

“It tasted like little pieces of poo, and I definitely didn’t think it was worth trying. Even though there’s a lot of protein—I’d rather eat a steak or Protein flour Choice» is Henry’s conclusion. Nevertheless, more and more gym fans are trying animal feed.

The high protein content is designed to increase performance during training. According to an app, its calculation is by @henry.fit The first viral TikTok video On top of that, Pedigree dog food contains 660 grams of protein—two to three times the daily allowance for bodybuilders.

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The stated portion size is 200g – it’s impossible that there’s three times as much protein. Origins commented on this and said that there must be a calculation error: the product contains about 60 grams of protein, not 660 grams. The diet app on TikTok was also asked about the result, and only confirmed the increase was due to social media. Canned dog food – without going into calculation error.

That much protein is more protein

According to the federal Food Safety and Veterinary Office, the protein requirement for a healthy adult under the age of 65 is 0.83 grams per kilogram of body weight per day. This equates to 58g of protein per day for a 70kg male and 47g for a 57kg female.

Too much protein can cause kidney stones and weight gain Constipation To take the lead. This will eventually lead to an increase in cholesterol levels. Therefore, you should always carefully watch your body mass and the amount of protein you need for your physical activity.

Proteins are an important part of our diet – with or without exercise.

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Is dog food harmful to humans?

But apart from proteins – what does dog food do for human health? Not only food for us humans, but animal food is also subject to strict sanitary conditions. It should not contain any harmful substances and should ensure that people are not harmed Salmonella infection.

“Of course, we only test our dog food on dogs, not on humans. But there is definitely nothing toxic in our dog food, because what harms a dog can also harm a human,” Migros spokesperson Martina Bosshard tells “Blick”.

The ingredients in human and dog food are often the same: the key word is «chicken soup». However, most dog food products do not (always) meet the needs of humans. So you can Important nutrients If you continue to eat dog food instead of food made for humans, your diet is missing what it needs. And only before playing.

What do you think of the trend of eating dog food for exercise – total crap or worth a try?

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