May 26, 2024

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Cyril I live in the lap of luxury

Cyril I live in the lap of luxury

Putin was a staunch supporter of the Russian Orthodox Church during the Ukraine war. As his confidant, he apparently leads a life of luxury.

Briefly essential

  • Grill I. again attracts attention with his support for Putin.
  • The head of the Russian Orthodox Church is said to have assets worth millions.
  • However, he wanted to keep his Swiss luxury watch secret from the public.

Cyril I is the President of the Russian Orthodox Church – and is considered a close confidante Vladimir Putin. He is said to have worked for the KGB, the Soviet secret service. He also traded in tobacco and liquor.

During the war in Ukraine, the patriot, as a friend of Putin, showed a clear position: “We do not want to fight anyone, Russia does not want to attack anyone.” He justifies the war in Ukraine as a “psychological struggle for good against evil from the West.” He spoke Russian Army Even his blessing.

As a friend of Putin, he became very wealthy. His assets were already valued at about $ 4.1 billion in 2006 Franken Rated.

Among other things, the Patriot treated himself with the Swiss luxury watch of the Breguet brand. Its value is over 31,000 Franken – But apparently he wants to hide his exotic lifestyle from the public.

Will it cost 30,000 francs per watch?

In 2012 Became the head of the church He was photographed putting it on her wrist at an event. These posts were later published on the church website. However, nothing is known about the clock other than the reflection on the tabletop.

The church acknowledged that they had edited the photos and recovered the expensive watch. So Cyril I. finally had to be in the hands of 30,000 peopleFranken– The clock should be on.

However, he did not buy it – it was given to him by a rich friend. He also said he sold the watch and donated the proceeds.

Cyril I blesses the Russian army in the Ukraine war

Due to his Kremlin support Will die EU Now impose sanctions on the head of the church. With the sixth set of sanctions, he could be threatened with an entry ban and the freezing of his assets.

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