April 23, 2024

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China’s military wants to prepare for war

A massive upgrade has been announced

The Chinese army is preparing for war

Does Taiwan-China Conflict Threaten Military Expansion? However, China’s President Xi Jinping wants to improve powerfully.


President Xi Jinping wants to supply military weapons to China.

Diplomatic tensions between China and Taiwan continue to rise. It is no secret that China views the breakaway island state as its own territory and wants to retake the island militarily. It was in August that he became concerned The visit of America’s top politician Nancy Pelosi (82) was almost for an extension.

Now Chinese President Xi Jinping (69) has ordered a massive military build-up. The situation is increasingly volatile and uncertain, Xi Jinping said on state broadcaster CCTV on Tuesday. Therefore, the People’s Republic will “extensively strengthen military training and war preparations”.