May 26, 2024

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Bürgenstock will become a high security zone in June


Peace ConferenceCanton reports: Bürgenstock is becoming a high security zone

A Middle East peace conference is planned for mid-June in Bürgenstock. We will now let you know in advance what this means for residents.

  • The peace conference begins on June 15 in Bürgenstock.

  • The province of Niedwalden now provides information on safety precautions.

  • High class guests are expected.

“We can say that if they want to speak there they have to find themselves. Unfortunately that is not possible”: Nidwalden police director Karin Kaiser Frutschi said of the high-profile guests expected at an information event in Stansted on Monday evening. He justified this in front of an audience with the status of “persons protected under national law”. “Click” Also reported.

The safety of those attending the conference, which begins June 15, comes at a cost to Stanstad residents. Police Commander Stephen Crider explained that all people who want to enter the restricted area must live or work in the area and have an appropriate badge.

“No jogging or roasting”

Exceptions are children born after January 1, 2012. Cars will need a sticker. Additionally, there is no “jogging or roasting” in the exclusion zone. The rules will come into force from the Thursday preceding the meeting.

There are good reasons for the heightened security level – even US President Joe Biden might come. According to Kaiser Frutschi, the chances of this happening are not bad, as the G-7 summit will soon be held in Apulia. A total of 150 delegations are expected, and the province of Niedwalden is expected to spend between five and ten million francs on the event. “But we have applied to the central government for Switzerland to participate. “Switzerland usually covers 80 percent of defense costs,” said the defense director.

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Stephen Kreider says Saturday will be loud. “Every five to ten minutes” on Saturday, military Super Pumas representatives will fly over the mountain. To do this, a heli landing pad must first be set up near Obbürgen, but there are fewer road closures. However, these can still take place across the entire local road network, causing traffic delays and waiting times. It is strongly recommended to allow enough time and always carry a valid ID with you.

Police, military, bodyguards and private security companies

Security operations are coordinated by Kapo Niedwalden, but are supported by other police forces and the military and private security companies. One would assume that many foreign guests would take their bodyguards to Burgenstock.

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