April 19, 2024

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Serial killer Sobhraj was released on his way to Paris after 19 years in prison

Serial killer Sobhraj released after 19 years in jail

This airline passenger is terrified of his seat neighbours

In the 1970s, Frenchman Charles Soubraj made a killing following the hippie trail in Asia. He spent decades in prison. In a machine for freedom, he was in good spirits. The person sitting next to him felt completely different.


VISIBLE DISCOMFORT: A young woman looks worriedly at the man sitting next to her on the flight that flew convicted serial killer Charles Sopraj from Kathmandu to Doha on Friday.

The photo speaks volumes: French serial killer Charles Soubraj (78) is said to have killed at least 20 tourists in South and Southeast Asia. He was jailed for 19 years in Kathmandu for two murders in Nepal, which he still denies. Now he is free again. In Flight to Freedom, he appears healthy and relaxed. Not so his seat neighbours.

Sobraj was released on Friday – and immediately deported. A photo shows him in tourist class on a Qatar Airways scheduled flight. An unknown young fellow passenger beside him looks worriedly at her neighbor. Meanwhile, she might have been told who the old man was. He is one of the most notorious killers of modern times – deliberately sober.