May 26, 2024

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Juso criticizes SP federal councilor Pete Johns’ rhetoric on EU asylum reform


“Social Democratic Betrayal”Juso “horrified” by SP federal councilor Pete Johns’ asylum reports

Juso is calling on its parent party, the SP, to distance itself from its federal councilor Pete Johns. Its asylum policy is “unworthy of social democracy”.

Daniel Tressel
  • Federal Councilor Pete Johns praised the EU’s new asylum and migration deal.

  • Juso criticizes this approach, saying it is a “betrayal of social democratic ideals”.

  • She demands consequences from SP for Pete Johns’ behavior.

In a meeting with his European counterparts, Asylum Minister Pete Johns praised the new asylum and migration deal the EU had agreed. Migrants with little chance of being accepted should be detained in camps at the EU’s external borders.

The reform is expected to result in changes to the law in Switzerland. From a humanitarian perspective, there are good arguments for reform, Pete Johns has been quoted in the media. That is why the SP Federal Council hoped to convince its own party critics of a possible referendum.

Juzo wants “consequences for Pete John’s behavior.”

John’s approach did not go down well with Juzo. “This reform massively expands the European asylum and border regime, and will cost more lives than before,” says Nicola Siegrist, president of Juso Switzerland. Europe should be ashamed.

“Such positions and associated behavior represent a clear betrayal of social democratic principles.”

Juzo Switzerland

The Young Socialists wrote in a press release that they were “horrified” by the tone of the SP Federal Council. Such positions and corresponding behavior represent “a clear betrayal of social democratic principles”. “Therefore, SP should clearly distance itself from Pete John’s asylum policy and use all avenues,” Siegrist said.

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At the next SP Switzerland party council meeting, Juso wants to demand “consequences for the behavior of Pete Johns”. They also wanted to accept an opportunity to speak from Johns.

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