April 15, 2024

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Austria begins locking up those who have not been vaccinated

In the fight against the corona virus, those who have not been vaccinated in Austria are now locked up. Vaccination centers were waiting in the front row on weekends due to the move.

Briefly essential

  • The lock-in has been in place since midnight for about two million Austrians who have not been vaccinated.
  • Thousands set up their first shovels over the weekend.
  • Health Minister Mückstein called those who were not vaccinated “the drivers of the 4th wave of infections.”

In Austria, the fight against the corona virus has been going on ever since Midnight locking for those who have not been vaccinated. That is: those who have not been vaccinated or who have recovered in the last 180 days will be allowed to leave the house only for compelling reasons. These include, for example, purchases for daily needs, such as a visit to the doctor or a walk that is deemed necessary.

With actions, the Government Reduce social contact in Vienna and, above all, increase the desire for vaccination. The first operations were carried out on Sunday Large demo of vaccine opponents, But in Vienna it was clear: pressure Government Seems to have a big impact on the population.

There was a great rush back to the vaccination centers in the Austrian capital. So long queues grew up on the streets of Vienna vaccine according to “today”. According to the online portal, the rush is huge.

On Friday alone, 18,466 vaccines were given in Vienna, and on Saturday there were 12,880 sticks. At a shopping center in Leasing, southwest Vienna, about 100 people were reportedly dispatched an hour before the store closed.

The reason: there is not enough vaccine for it.

Are there restrictions on who is vaccinated against the corona virus?

Exit controls in the fight against the corona virus are initially limited to ten days. It is estimated that about two million people who are not vaccinated are affected by lactose intolerance. Corona virus prevention regulations should be closely monitored by the police. Violation carries a fine of up to 1450 Euro (1530 Francan).

What do you think about locking up those who have not been vaccinated?

Austrian Health Minister Wolfgang Mukstein On Sunday evening he described those who had not been vaccinated on “ZiB 2” as “infectious drivers of the fourth wave”. That said, you can clearly see this in cases that are five to six times more common in those who have not been vaccinated.

In addition, the Minister of Health looked to the future and warned: “If the numbers do not improve, we will discuss further tightening.” Overnight exit restrictions for everyone are also an issue. “Yes, it was discussed and I agree with the expert opinion,” Mückstein said.

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