April 15, 2024

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There was a problem voting on Sunday +++ Parents have called for drastic action

The corona virus is spreading in schools, and entire classes have been re-isolated. Now parents’ representatives are calling for tougher measures in schools. “We are concerned,” said Riu Biagini, co-founder of the parent organization “Protect Children” on SonntagsZeitung.

The parent organization’s demand: ” All teachers who teach children under the age of 12 should be vaccinated, ” Piakini said. “Teachers at these school levels need 3G certification to protect our children.”

Federal President Guy Burmelin gets to the left, next to Fabian Molina, a National Councilor from the Basel and Zurich school class who participated in the SWISSAID badge sale in Bern.


Dr. Rossler, president of the Swiss Teachers Association LCH, understands parents’ concerns, but says “should not be vaccinated.”

The Cantonal Health Directors (GTK) conference increases the pressure on teachers. Because children under the age of 12 do not yet have access to the vaccine, the highest level of vaccination protection is important in the “school environment”.

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