June 13, 2024

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School massacre in the United States – Frenzy in Texas: so far known – News

School massacre in the United States – Frenzy in Texas: so far known – News

In fact: On Tuesday afternoon (local time) a gunman killed 19 children and at least two adults at an elementary school in the state of Texas. This has been confirmed by the Texas Department of Public Safety.

Eric Estrada, of the Department of Public Safety in Texas, described the first findings of the crime in an interview with CNN: The suspect first shot her in her grandmother’s apartment – she was taken to hospital, and her condition worsened. The shooter then drove to the school and crashed. The young man then got out of the car, entered the school wearing a protective coat and carrying a backpack and a gun. There he opened fire. According to media reports, the gunman was furious until security forces shot him.

Accused accused: According to initial findings, the gunman was 18 years old. Little was known initially about the background of his crime. Investigators had a low profile. According to media reports, the shooter bought the weapon used in the crime a week after his 18th birthday. According to CNN, the former schoolmates gave the shooter an Instagram profile in which a photo of the two guns was released a few days ago. The behavior of the shooter has changed recently, the Washington Post quoted a childhood friend as saying.

Location: The bloody crime took place at Rob Elementary School in the small town of Wolde. The 16,000 city near San Antonio in Texas is in shock.

Victims: At least 19 children and at least two adults were killed in the incident. A U.S. border control officer was wounded in the shooting, according to the Department of Homeland Security. Many children have been admitted to nearby hospitals with serious injuries. It was one of the worst school massacres in American history. Only at Massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut in 2012 More people died.

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Reactions: In the first report, Texas Governor Greg Abbott spoke about a horrific and incomprehensible act that took place in the small town of Wolde in southern Texas.

Hours after the attack, US President Joe Biden sought to express in words what many parents in Wolverhampton thought: “Losing a child is like tearing a part of your own soul away from you.” Asian Tour at the White House.

Biden knows the pain: As a teenager, he lost his first wife and young daughter in a car accident. Later, one of his adult sons died of cancer. Biden says it’s like suffocation.


At the White House the flag flies at half-mast.


Explosive discussion: The assassination immediately sparked a debate over US gun ownership rules. President Biden spoke passionately about the epidemic of gun violence that is not found anywhere else in the world. “We need to take action.” As a nation, the United States must ask itself when it will stand up to the gun lobby.

Former US President Barack Obama has also criticized opposition Republicans: “Our country is paralyzed, not by fear, but by the gun lobby and a political party that is unwilling to act in any way to prevent these tragedies.”

61 shooting incidents in the United States in 2021

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Two weeks ago, a gunman on a buffalo killed 10 people.


One week ago, ten people were killed and three were injured when a gunman opened fire on a supermarket in Buffalo, New York. He was arrested at the scene of the crime. According to investigators, the act was racially motivated – 11 out of 13 victims were black.

Last year, the FBI counted 61 shootings in the United States. The FBI announced Monday that this is 50 percent higher than the previous year. This number has doubled since 2017. In 2021, 103 people were killed and 140 injured in the riots. Of the 61 people who opened fire, 60 were said to be men.