June 22, 2024

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Australian researcher: Statistics clear up mysteries about Bermuda Triangle

Australian researcher: Statistics clear up mysteries about Bermuda Triangle


Bermuda Triangle Mystery Solved? The researcher has given a simple explanation

An area famous for ships and planes that mysteriously “disappear” is fascinating. An Australian researcher debunks the myth with statistics.


The so-called Bermuda Triangle is located north of the Caribbean, between southern Florida, Puerto Rico, and Bermuda.

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  • The Bermuda Triangle has a reputation for being particularly treacherous for planes and ships.

  • Bullshit, says Australian researcher Carl Kruzelnicki, who backs it up with statistics.

  • Accordingly, comparatively, accidents do not occur more frequently in the frequented triangle than elsewhere.

Australian scientist Karl Kruszelnicki wants to solve the mystery the despicable Solved the Bermuda Triangle. More than 50 ships and 20 planes have disappeared in the past century in the northern Caribbean, between southern Florida, Puerto Rico and Bermuda. But Kruselnicki and the U.S. National Weather Service’s NOAA analysis of paranormal phenomena, But statistics.

Kruselnicki clarifies that, as the Weather Service has said in recent years, “the percentage of ships and planes lost in the Bermuda Triangle is as high as anywhere in the world.” In absolute terms, there are more accidents due to heavy traffic than anywhere else.

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Climate change and human error

According to NOAA, navigation in the Triangle is often difficult due to extreme weather changes. As “FutureZone” reports, there are also indications that magnetic compasses point to the “true” North Pole rather than a wandering magnetic North Pole. Numerous islands and partially shallow waters do the rest.

Scientist Carl Kruzelnicki has already insisted in several interviews that there are no supernatural forces in the Bermuda Triangle. “The numbers don’t lie,” said the Australian, referring to the statistics. So unexplained events are more likely to be explained by bad weather and human error.

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