May 24, 2024

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Mexico: Atara bullied at school – earns master’s degree at age 10

Mexico: Atara bullied at school – earns master’s degree at age 10


Adhara was bullied at school – got a master’s degree at the age of 10

Atara Perez Sanchez is bored at school. An intelligence test later showed that he had a higher IQ than Albert Einstein.


Atara Perez Sanchez (11) dreams of one day working as an astronaut at NASA.


  • Atara Perez Sanchez (11), who is autistic, has an IQ of 11

  • An IQ of 130 is already considered a genius.

  • She went to school fast and has already completed her engineering degree.

Atara Perez Sanchez Aus Mexico City Grew up in an ordinary neighborhood. As an autistic girl, she was bullied at school for years. According to the Daily Mail, he received no support from teachers and had to change schools three times.

The woman became more and more isolated and refused to teach. True, her mother noticed that her daughter taught her algebra and memorized the periodic table. But she thought she was boring.

The bullying left Adara depressed

Als Adhaar He became more and more depressed Treatment was available. She was advised to go to an institution that specializes in gifted children. There he was found to have an IQ of 162. Higher than Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking, both of whom had an IQ of 160.

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Adhara completed primary school, middle school and high school in rapid succession. At the end of 2022, when he was ten years old, he graduated from the Polytechnic Institute with an engineering degree.

Atara dreams of working for NASA

In Mexico, Atara is a minor celebrity. Four years ago she did American magazine “Forbes” Included in the list of 100 most important women of Mexico. She also appeared on the cover of the Mexican edition of the fashion magazine “Marie Claire”.

Atara hopes to one day work at NASA. She is one step closer to this goal. The
The University of Arizona offered him a place to study where he could participate in NASA research projects.

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