July 20, 2024

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CNN Fires Longtime Host Don Lemon

CNN Fires Longtime Host Don Lemon

American news channel

‘I’m Stunned’ – Dan Lemon Fired After 17 Years at CNN

For a long time, moderator Dan Lemmon (57) was a key figure in American broadcaster CNN. He found out about the firing from his agent on Monday — not from CNN.


Don Lemon has worked for CNN for 17 years.

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  • Dan Lemmon worked for the American news network CNN for 17 years.

  • Now he has been released. His agent told him — not a CNN executive.

  • He was stunned by this, especially since it had not previously been suggested to him that he could be fired.

US news channel CNN and its longtime anchor Don Lemon are going their separate ways. station boss Chris Licht wrote in a memo to employees Monday that was also posted on Twitter. The reason for the decision was not given. The assessee talked about being fired by his employer.

“I was informed by my agent this morning that I was fired from CNN,” Lemon shared. “I was shocked.” After 17 years at CNN He would have expected someone in management to be qualified to speak directly to him. He was not even informed that he could not continue his work at the station. He was caught on his show “CNN This Morning” today and this morning. CNN thanked Lemon for his work over the past few years and wished him well.

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Lemon has been outraged by the comments several times

In mid-February, in a debate with his co-hosts about the age of politicians, Lemon caused outrage when he said that the 51-year-old Republican presidential candidate Nicky was “not in his prime.” A woman is prime in her 20s, 30s and 40s. When colleagues disagreed, he explained that these were facts. He later apologized for calling Haley sexist. Lemon was off air for three days, but came back on screen after that.

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