February 21, 2024

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BACHMUD: Ukraine says Russian troops have partially withdrawn

BACHMUD: Ukraine says Russian troops have partially withdrawn

Trapped City

Ukraine says Russian troops have withdrawn from parts of Pakmut

According to its own reports, the Ukrainian army pushed back Russian troops by up to two kilometers in some places near Pakmut.


Ukraine reports partial withdrawal of Russian troops from embattled Pakmut.


  • Russian forces have withdrawn from parts of Baghmut.

  • This was reported by Ukraine on Wednesday in online services.

  • So attacks by Ukrainian troops have prompted a retreat.

Russian troops have retreated, according to a senior Ukrainian military official From some areas After months of hard fighting, Bachmud left the city. The commander said the retreat took place after an attack by Ukrainian troops Ukrainian ground forces, Oleksandr Syrskyj, in Wednesday’s online services. Accordingly, Russian troops in eastern Donetsk retreated up to two kilometers in some places on the front.

“Battle for Bagmuth Continues”

“Our security forces are holding the front line and preventing the enemy from advancing – the battle for Bagmuth continues,” Sirsky said. “We are seeing the results of effective operations by our units,” he said, as his troops launched a counterattack around Bagmut.

For her part, Ukrainian Deputy Defense Minister Hanna Malier assured in a telegram that Kiev’s troops “did not lose a single position in Pakmut over the past day”. The information could not be independently verified at first.

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Wagner’s team complains about a shortage of ammunition

Russia has been trying — without success — to take over the industrial city of Bagmut since last summer. Wagner, a Russian mercenary group playing a significant role in the battle for the city, complained of a shortage of ammunition and threatened to withdraw its fighters from the city.

According to Sirskij, some mercenaries were replaced by less well-prepared soldiers from the regular Russian army. According to Ukraine, it is preparing a large-scale counteroffensive, the first steps of which may have already begun.

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