June 13, 2024

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America offers patriotism – it brings a modern security system to Ukraine

Military Expert Explains How Modern US Defense System Will Affect War

Will Ukraine Attack Russia With Patriot Missiles?

US has announced delivery of long-sought Patriot missiles to Ukraine. Is Ukraine really just using a system it relies on for protection from Switzerland?


Almost 100 percent accurate: An anti-patriotic missile is soaring in Israel.


Guido FelderForeign teacher

The US bows to Ukraine’s insistence. US President Joe Biden (80) wants to provide a powerful Patriot Security system to the war zone. It will be the most effective security system the country has ever had. According to CNN, the Patriots should be delivered within days after a firm blessing from the US Department of Defense.

The Russian military has repeatedly attacked Ukrainian targets with long-range artillery fire — including the capital, Kiev. Marcel Berny (34), a military expert at the ETH Military Academy, told Blick: “In the medium term, this system will give Ukrainians the opportunity to be better protected against threats from the air in specific locations.”