February 23, 2024

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The municipality again arrested the culprits

Asylum seekers from Afghanistan abuse 14-year-old girls in Illerkirchberg

“Rapist Forced to Confine Home Again”

Before the death of Ece S. († 14), Illerkirchberg was a crime scene. In 2019, refugees raped a 14-year-old girl there. Although he was originally to be deported, a convict was reinstated. That’s what Mayor Markus Häussler says about the truth.


Sign of the city of Illerkirchberg in southern Germany. As it now emerges, Ece S.’s killer is not the only criminal in town.

After the knife attack Two women at Illerkirchberg (D). Where Ece S.* died, another crime has returned to the public eye. In early 2019, a crime occurred in a southern German community. The four refugees drugged the then 14-year-old girl and raped her for several hours.

One of the convicts, Mukhtar N.* (29), was still alive after completing his sentence. Several months in the asylum at Illerkirchbergas “Build“Learn.