June 22, 2024

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37 million Chinese infected with Covid in one day

Global Epidemic Registry

37 million Chinese infected with Covid in one day

In China, the number of corona cases is increasing rapidly after moving away from zero covid policy. According to estimates by health officials, a global epidemic record may have just occurred.


A few weeks ago, mass testing was common in China.

After the Chinese leadership abruptly reversed its strict zero-covid policy, the number of infections in China exploded. According to estimates by the government’s top health commission, nearly 37 million people may have contracted Covid-19 on December 20 alone. “Bloomberg” reported.

This would not only be a dramatic departure from the official tally of just 3,049 infections reported in China that day, but would also mark a global record for the epidemic. According to Bloomberg, the first wave of Omicron infections in South Africa occurred on January 19, 2022 amid the previous all-time high of 4 million infections in a single day.