May 26, 2024

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Weather in Switzerland: Thunderstorms and pollen counts in Switzerland


Weather in SwitzerlandDo you suffer from asthma with thunderstorms? Then today is not a good day

The weather in Switzerland will be changeable on Sunday. This climate can be problematic for those suffering from respiratory ailments.

Jonas Bucher
  • The weather will be changeable in the north of the Alps on Sunday: still cloudy in the morning with isolated showers, then partly sunny.

  • Thunderstorms make asthma worse with high humidity and precipitation, so changeable conditions can be especially problematic for asthmatics.

  • The weather forecast for Monday and Tuesday remains uneventful with occasional showers and rather cool temperatures.

The weather forecast in the northern part of the Alps shows a changeable development on Sunday: clouds and isolated precipitation dominate in the morning, which gives way to partial clarity during the course of the day and gives way to sunny periods. However, further increase in cloud cover along with rain and thundershowers can be expected in the western afternoon.

In northern and central Grisons, residents can expect mostly sunny and dry weather, while temperatures in the lowlands will reach 20 degrees in the afternoon. At times moderate southwesterly winds may blow very strongly near thunderstorms.

Poor prospects for asthma patients

This weather condition can be especially problematic for people suffering from respiratory diseases. Thunderstorm asthma is a phenomenon of strong winds before and after thunderstorms, high humidity and precipitation during thunderstorms that blow large amounts of pollen and dust into the air.

These conditions cause the pollen grains to burst and break down into smaller, easily inhaled particles. These then penetrate deep into the lungs and trigger asthma attacks in sensitive individuals. According to MeteoSwiss, the most famous event took place in Australia in 2016. At the time, ten deaths occurred after thunderstorms near Melbourne, around 9,000 patients required medical treatment and the health system was briefly overwhelmed.

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Wet and volatile

On Monday, the eastern Alps will provide a temporary Fohn glow, promising mostly dry conditions through the afternoon. Later, however, the clouds became increasingly cloudy and widespread rain fell, initially with isolated thunderstorms. In the central plateau, the temperature ranges from 14 to 16 degrees.

Mars will be unsettled with overcast skies and intermittent showers, especially on the northern slopes of the Alps. The maximum temperature reaches only about twelve degrees, and the snowfall range varies from 1,600 to 2,000 meters.

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