May 26, 2024

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Does he mean Ukrainian President Zelensky? Or even Ignazio Cassis?

Does he mean Ukrainian President Zelensky?  Or even Ignazio Cassis?

At times he alternated with Vladimir Putin as President of Russia. It refers to Putin loyalist Dmitry Medvedev, now the deputy chairman of the Security Council of the Russian Federation. In this role he now used the text message service X against the B├╝rgenstock Peace Conference.

Medvedev gives it – and how: The conference will be further evidence of the failure of Simpleton Zelensky’s so-called peace plan, the Commuter newspaper quoted him as saying. 20 minutes. It would be visible evidence of the utter inability of today’s Western elites, who have “undertaken painful self-castration of their own power to stop military conflict”.

This too was done “under direct instructions from the elders in Washington.” Third, “Our armed forces will continue to clear the territories of Little Russia from the neo-Nazis without hindrance and regardless of any foolish peace efforts.”

In doing so, he confirms the fears of those circles who always think that sending a signal of peace is too soft.

However, one must interpret Medvedev’s Capuchin preaching, which Russia recognizes as weak in Ukraine. In other words: Russia is confident that it can achieve its goals militarily.

However, despite the war cries and stabbing noises, there is one thing we would like to know more about: Was Medvedev implicitly calling Volodymyr Zelensky an idiot when he talked about the “stupid peace mission”? Or is he also targeting our Foreign Minister Ignazio Cassis, who is organizing this meeting in B├╝rgenstock and is voicing support around the world?

Aggressive rhetoric or not: you have to agree with Russia’s former president on one thing. The West and Switzerland have lost an opportunity to initiate real peace. It won’t work without Russia.

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