December 8, 2022

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Ukrainian ticker. NATO countries want to prevent war with Russia through agreements +++ Putin increases pay for soldiers.

Russian UN ambassador Boris Bondarev fears After the Ukraine war and his resignation due to criticism of Russian President Vladimir Putin For his life. Swiss authorities tried to protect him, the 41-year-old said “தினமலர்” Since Wednesday. “When you are all alone, rightly or wrongly, when you are at risk of violence, it is incredibly important to know that there is someone who will support you and try to protect you,” Bondarev said. We would like to thank the Swiss UN Embassy in Geneva and the Swiss Government for this.

After his resignation against the war in Ukraine, Bondarev, the world’s first official representative to Russia, is currently staying in Switzerland looking for a new job. He is exploring all options, including seeking asylum in Switzerland or another country.

Bondarev said his statements and outspoken criticism of Russian President Vladimir Putin and Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov were considered crimes in Russia. “I am not only considered a member of the opposition, I am also a civil servant as a diplomat. So the criminal case is almost certain to me. He fears for his family, relatives and close friends.

Bondarev said he resigned out of conscience. “To be an inspiration to my colleagues, ambassadors and other Russian citizens who live in Russia and think they can do nothing, I wanted to make a difference.” But he had a different opinion. “You can always stand up and tell the truth about the things you feel.”

In the interview, he reiterated his criticism of Russia’s leadership. “Today’s Russian foreign policy is very loud, very difficult, but not effective.” Commenting on his personal motivation to resign, he said: “I suddenly began to realize that I was doing things contrary to what I wanted to do as a diplomat.” Silence is not what he wants, he said.

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The UN adviser in Geneva resigned on Monday after 20 years in protest of Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine. He wrote on LinkedIn that President Vladimir Putin’s war of aggression against Ukraine was a crime against the people of Ukraine and Russia.