June 7, 2023

Columbus Post

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Ukraine ticker. LONDON: Violations will be severely punished +++ Kiev wants to punish Russians for rocket attacks

The backdrop is an expected Ukrainian counter-offensive, whereby Kiev wants to recapture Ukrainian territories occupied by Russia. This time, however, Russia is still on the offensive – but having difficulties moving forward.

According to reports from Kiev, the Russian attackers in the Battle of Pakmut were unable to cut Ukrainian supply lines to the badly damaged city. “The Russians have been talking for weeks about winning the “road of life” and continuing to control fire on it. In reality, everything is different,” Serhiy Cherevatyy, spokesman for the Eastern Military Group of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, told zn. ua internet portal Saturday. Although the connecting road from Pakmut to Chasiv Yar was contested, the Russians were unable to intercept the defenders’ logistics. The information could not be independently verified.

Provisions, weapons and ammunition supply have been secured, Tscherevatyj explained. On the one hand, Ukrainian troops maintained their positions on the road, on the other hand, engineers had already laid new routes to Bagmuth. “All of these things make it possible to keep the egg alive,” he said. In its situation report, the Ukrainian General Staff spoke of “unrelenting efforts” by the Russian attackers.

For months, Pakmut was attacked by Russian troops, especially Wagner mercenaries. According to their own reports, the attackers now control 85 percent of the city. The Ukrainian leadership insists on keeping the now largely destroyed city, justifying this with the high losses of offensive troops, which will be worn down this way.