June 13, 2024

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The Last Generation defends the police in a new video

The Last Generation defends the police in a new video

The last generation

Climate Change Condemns Police Pain Attacks – There’s Evil on the Internet

Again, police officers used pain grips on climate glue. Activists have protested against this. However, they say their protest is being waged against the government.


“You don’t have to hurt me, I’ll let you take me in peace,” says a last generation activist. Pain grips have been used against him in the past.


  • The climate movement is defending itself on social media against the painful attacks of the last generation of police.

  • In a video released on Friday, an activist defended the police.

  • The video was heavily criticized and many suspected that the video was staged.

On Friday, the Last Generation climate movement posted a video on Twitter that showed a police officer capturing another pain. The activist says: “You don’t have to hurt me, I’ll let you take me in peace.”

Then he says: “I have experienced pain attacks by the police today and in the past. It hurts and can be avoided. When I go to protest, I do so out of love for my fellow human beings and fear of what they will do if the central government continues to act irresponsibly towards us. Climate disaster Falling.” And she says she’s marching out of love for the police, “in honor of the fact that they protect our constitutional state every day.” She can’t blame the police for “government irresponsibility.” She, too, depends on the government finding a way to bring people to a climate-friendly future.

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The climate movement is rightly attacked for the video in the comments. Many believe the video was staged. Is there a teleprompter running next to the camera? You think your fellow human beings are absolutely mad », is a comment. Another writes that it looks like the activist was paid for “this lecture”. These are the sweetest comments under the video.

Others stand behind activists. User @ak writes: “This is just abuse. The police should be held accountable.”

Another activist, Lennard, says he now has a broken wrist from the painful grip. In a video he says: “On Wednesday, a police officer broke his wrist while removing a pain grip. It pissed me off at first, but he definitely didn’t do it on purpose.”

“I sit here in peace”

Last week A video has sparked a debate on social media. Officers are on their way to the scene A street activist, using what is called pain. The action of the police was condemned in many places. Berlin police announced that they are investigating the video circulating on the Internet for misconduct by police officers. These recordings are from “MDR Investigative” and were taken at a climate sticker protest in Berlin on April 20. An officer first asks an activist sitting on the street to move off the road.

‘Then I want you to go there now. Otherwise I will cause you pain,” the officer said in the video. The young man’s reply: “I am sitting here in peace and you want to take me.” The activist doesn’t move, so the police officer counts down from three and then, with the help of his colleague, lifts the activist off the street. The manner in which he did this provoked debate.

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