May 26, 2024

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Toll evasion: Here you pay more than in Switzerland

Traveling on Swiss public transport without a valid ticket is charged 90 francs. It will soon become even more expensive. Buses in other countries require at least two catches to board. Fintech company Bunq has analyzed how heavily fined fee evaders are in other European countries. As it turns out: Switzerland is only in ninth place.

Head on the other side? Stockholm. The Swedish capital charges offenders 1,500 Swedish crowns, the equivalent of about 128 francs, to ride without tickets on subways, buses and trains.

In Lisbon, inspectors are also cracking down, charging evaders 120 euros, about 118 francs. At 100 pounds (114 francs), London in Great Britain also makes the top three, with Brussels in Belgium charging 107 euros, or about 105 francs. Our neighbors in Austria also charge more than 100 francs: in Vienna you pay 105 euros or about 103 francs if you travel without a ticket.

According to Bunq, the places at the bottom are Sofia in Bulgaria (toll evaders can get away with just 15 francs), Riga in Latvia (another 15 francs) and Vilnius in Lithuania (less than 16 francs).

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