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This lightning trick stops the heat

This lightning trick stops the heat
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Summer is still to come – attic apartment dwellers moan in despair. This cheap lightning trick offers a solution.

  • die Summer heat Often can be pushed out of the apartment only with difficulty.
  • Fans* and air conditioners are slightly more expensive solutions.
  • With a cheaper one Blitz-tactic But you can also help yourself.

If the weather forecast is to be trusted, midsummer is finally breaking in Germany. Some people will be happy – after all, evenings with lakes and balcony baths will entice you – others will leave it at that. Especially get people who live in attic apartments The heat is often completely turned off Do not even sleep at night as the rooms are not cool enough in the evening. But what if you don’t have enough money for a fan? Or are all the devices in the electronics store already sold out? The following tip may be useful for you.

Cooling the apartment in summer: where does the heat come from?

When it’s hot in the apartment, many people don’t know what to do next. © dpa/Kay Nietfeld

The heat usually comes from the facade and the roof is not adequately insulated or actually The sun shines directly into the apartment through the south window. It’s great when plenty of light falls on your own four walls during the day, but at the same time it often creates an unbearable heat. The apartment is already very hot in the afternoon and can’t stand it anymore.

So to prevent heat, you can intercept the sun’s rays – for example with curtains. However, a cheaper method is also used in cars Aluminum plate. Aluminum covers are often attached behind the windshield of the car as sun visors so that the car does not overheat. The same principle can be applied to the apartment by placing aluminum foil in front of the windows. Because if the heat doesn’t come, you don’t have to cool the apartment either.

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Avoid heat with protective films

In addition to the classic aluminum foil, there is Special glass films (ad link), which is self-adhesive with windows. They effectively insulate rooms from high temperatures in summer and save on air conditioning costs.

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This is how the aluminum foil trick works for a cold apartment

  • Get one Tear resistant aluminum plate – You need a few meters.
  • Ventilate well in the morning before you attach the aluminum foil.
  • Attach the aluminum sheet Like curtains or blinds On long paths in the window.
  • Clamp the aluminum foil between the window and the frame and hang them on a curtain rod or directly on the window.
  • Alternatively, you can use Spray the windows with water “Glue” the aluminum foil like this. Online-portal required Advises. The film sticks to the board because of water.

The silver coating of the aluminum foil effectively keeps the heat from penetrating the apartment. Make sure the shiny side is facing out as the mat is more likely to attract heat. Meanwhile,* reports Sun protection images at Stiftung Warentest. * and are offered IPPEN.MEDIA

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