May 24, 2024

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The heat never ends in Greece

The heat never ends in Greece
Scorched Earth Around Athens: Extreme heat and lack of rain leave Greece parched. The forest fire is now under control.

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A new high is expected in southern Greece with temperatures of 45 degrees. A forest fire is spreading around Athens. Officials said they are under control.

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  • Greece suffers from extreme heat and drought.
  • Temperatures are expected to reach 45 degrees this weekend, and next Wednesday, too.
  • Forest fires are spreading around Athens and Rhodes. But these are under control.

There is no end to the heat wave in Greece. Temperatures up to 45 degrees Celsius are expected in the south of the country over the weekend, according to the Met Office. The thermometer will show values ​​of about 40 degrees in the north.

Even the Aegean islands have temperatures above 38 degrees. Firefighters again warned of the high risk of wildfires. “We still have difficult times ahead of us,” a spokesman for the fire department said on state television. It said the risk of forest fires is very high. This is due to drought and wind.

The fire is partially under control

Meanwhile, hundreds of firefighters from Romania, Bulgaria, Poland, Slovakia and Malta have arrived in Greece to bolster the fire brigade and fight the blaze. France, Italy, Turkey, Cyprus, Israel and Jordan are helping to fight the blaze with firefighting planes and helicopters, Greek civil defense said.

Fires in Athens and the Peloponnese have been brought under control. But everything dried up and the fire flared up again and again. According to the fire brigade, the most difficult fire is raging near the village of Lerma on the holiday island of Rhodes. Tourists are not at risk.

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Meteorologists have said that the heatwave will continue next week with minor fluctuations. A new high is expected in southern Greece on Wednesday with temperatures above 45 degrees.

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