July 20, 2024

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Daughter killed in Nintendo game: Father hanged in US

Now he was hanged by lethal injection

Father (57) killed daughter for wanting to play Nintendo

20 years ago, a man killed his nine-month-old daughter for crying. Two years later he was sentenced to death. Now the American has been executed by lethal injection.


Benjamin C. († 57) Executed by lethal injection in the United States.

A man who murdered his nine-month-old daughter Brianna has been hanged in the US despite possible psychological problems. Benjamin C.*, 57, was executed by lethal injection Thursday at McAlester Prison in Oklahoma State, officials said. The US Supreme Court on Wednesday refused to stay the execution.

C was sentenced to death in 2004. He killed his nine-month-old daughter who was crying because she wanted to play a James Bond game on his Nintendo console. The girl was brutally murdered. Her spine was broken when her father bent her legs backwards. A major artery was also torn by the force.