June 18, 2024

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The samba show with bare skin caused a stir in Saudi Arabia

The low-cost dancing samba show in Saudi Arabia caused a great stir.

Briefly essentials

  • In Saudi Arabia, holding a samba show with bare skin causes great outrage.
  • The governor of the city of Jason ordered a hearing over the weekend.

Jazan City Governor Prince Mohammed bin Nasser ordered a hearing over the weekend. Images circulating on online networks in recent days show three foreign women dancing samba on one of Jason’s main streets. They attended a local winter festival.

Women without citizenship are clearly adorned with the usual colorful feathers of the Brazilian carnival. As with the samba performances in Brazil, their arms, abdomen and legs were exposed. However, they did not show their bare skin like the dancers at the famous carnival parades in Rio de Janeiro.

Many citizens expressed their anger at the show on online networks and other media. In many cases, the organizers were summoned for punishment. “The shows are for entertainment, not to attack morality and to act against the morals of religion and society,” said Mohammed al-Batswi, a resident of Jazan on state television for El-Esparija.

For the past five years the title has been in the pursuit of Prince Mohammed Salman In Saudi Arabia, entertainment offers for citizens have been significantly expanded – new offers include major sporting events and concerts.

However, the kingdom is still shaped by Wahhabism, which is a particularly harsh and traditional interpretation. Islam. Most women still wear a black blouse that covers their entire body in public.

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