February 26, 2024

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Researchers want to find a new corona variant

Researchers say they have discovered a new variant of the corona virus in Cyprus. It should be a combination of Delta and Omigron variants.

Briefly essentials

  • A new variant of the corona virus is said to be spreading in Cyprus.
  • It must have the characteristics of delta and omigron types.
  • However, there is skepticism about the researchers’ portrayal.

Corona virus mutations, mutations and mutations. Recently discovered variant: Deltacron. It is a combination of Delta and Omigron types.

A new variant of the corona virus was discovered in Cyprus. There are 25 cases on the island so far. This was reported by the Bloomberg News Agency with reference to the Cypriot broadcaster “Sigma TV”.

Thus, deltacron usually appears only in hospitalized patients and less frequently in patients with mild studies. However, there is no information yet, which is why the representation is in doubt.

It was written by Tom Peacock, a British virologist at Imperial College London Twitter For example, it is still ahead of the Omigron reunion. The variation on that has not been around for a long time.

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