June 15, 2024

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The Russians’ new Wagner line marks a new frontier in Ukraine

Wagner mercenaries with primitive tactics

Why are the Russians retreating to their trenches?

Dragon’s teeth, shooting ranges and trenches: the new Russian strategy has it all. Mercenaries draw defensive lines in Ukraine using World War II style. But experts doubt the effectiveness of the new tax.


This new series of pyramid-shaped concrete blocks stretches across the connected areas of Donetsk and Kherson.

The Russians dig in. At the moment, high-speed BTM-3 trenchers are digging endless trenches around the annexed territory of Ukraine. The goal is to mark a new line of defense. But the dug-out route was easily passable for Ukrainian troops.

The Russians are returning to an old technique in warfare. Wagner’s group, consisting of Russian mercenaries, digs several trenches along the entire front. Especially in Donetsk and Cherson, the Russians are digging into the defensive line. This is reminiscent of the tactic used in World War II. At the time, the Germans relied on the “Maginot Line”, the Soviets on the “Stalin” and “Molotov Lines”. 1929 Soviet lines along the defensive line from the Baltic Sea to Slovakia consisted of several bunkers. But this type of defense caused problems for the Red Army at the time and some of it did not work.