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Massachusetts (USA): “Granby Girl” identified 45 years after murder

Massachusetts (USA): “Granby Girl” identified 45 years after murder

Massachusetts (USA)

‘Granby Girl’ identified 45 years after murder

For decades, U.S. authorities did not know the identity of a woman who died in the woods near Granby, Massachusetts. By 2022, her DNA profile could be done.


The unidentified man known as the “Granby Girl” has been murdered since 1978 – and now investigators have been able to identify the woman: it’s 28-year-old Patricia Ann Tucker.

Facebook/Massachusetts State Police

  • In the summer of 1978, Patricia Ann Tucker disappeared without a trace.

  • A few months later, police found a woman’s body near Granby, Massachusetts.

  • Now it’s clear: the remains belong to Tucker.

In the US state of Massachusetts, a person who commits murder can live for 45 years Identified after the fact Aug. For nearly half a century the woman was known simply as the “Granby Girl.” I found her body became Now the Department of Justice in Massachusetts has released her name: it’s Patricia Ann Tucker.

The woman was 28 when she was murdered in the summer of 1978. A few months later, on November 15, his skeleton was discovered in a wooded area near Granby. An autopsy revealed that he died of a gunshot wound to the left temple. But her identity remained a mystery as no one, including her husband, reported her missing. The “Granby Girl” was buried under an unmarked grave.

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2022 A DNA profile of the victim is created

At the time of her death, Tucker was living with her husband, Gerald Coleman, and their two children at Lake Pocotobag, Connecticut, about 100 kilometers south of Granby. Coleman died in Massachusetts State Penitentiary in 1996. He was convicted of various violent crimes and rape.

In March 2022, authorities sent biological tissue from an unknown victim to a forensics lab in Texas. The DNA profile created there was entered into a database, and a few months later investigators received their first positive result: a connection to an unknown Maryland woman who uploaded her DNA profile to the Ancestry.com website. When police went to see the woman, she said her aunt had disappeared in the 1970s. He gave the names of two sons to the authorities.

Police found the son in North Carolina

Next, investigators visited one of the sons, Matthew Dale, who now lives in North Carolina. He also confirmed the disappearance of his mother in 1978. A comparison of her DNA with that of the victim revealed a 100% match between mother and child.

At a press conference, prosecutor Steven Gagne said the investigation was not over. Tucker’s husband, Gerald Coleman, remains a significant person of interest in the murder, even after her death. “We urge anyone who knows him to contact authorities because every detail, no matter how small and insignificant, can help,” Gagne said.

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