April 15, 2024

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The Russian ambassador says there is a rift in the Kremlin

The Russian ambassador says there is a rift in the Kremlin

The Russian ambassador to the United States pointed out that the Kremlin’s hierarchical split in the war in Ukraine was provocative.

Briefly essential

  • Some in the Kremlin are considering ending the war.
  • The Russian ambassador to the United States mentioned this in an interview.
  • However, Anatoly Antonov made it clear that he and his staff would not surrender

These statements by Anatoly Antonov on Russian state television are surprising and very explosive. Russian Ambassador to the United States He hinted that some within the Kremlin’s authorities were ready to abandon the Ukraine war.

In an interview, Antonov said: “Americans push us into negotiations, but with certain conditions.” Accordingly, military action must be stopped and troops brought back to “where they were before February 24.” The third condition, according to Antonio, is “to regret everything we have done.”

Do you think the Ukraine war will end soon?

The top diplomat, who is considered a hardliner, said there would be “at least” no such surrender for Russian diplomats “working here”. “Of course we say firmly and clearly: never.” One firmly believes that all the tasks assigned by the “Supreme Commander-in-Chief” can be fully accomplished. “We will never give up and never withdraw.”

There was no direct evidence of a split in the Kremlin’s hierarchies of these direct words about the war in Ukraine, but his statement that “at least the Russian ambassadors working here” seemed to indicate that others were interested in choosing his own words – “no surrender” – was less convincing.

The Ukraine war is bad for Russia-US relations

In another part of the interview, the ambassador repeated the statements of other senior Russian diplomats. The danger of nuclear war. “The current situation is very dangerous,” he said. According to Antonov, the United States will be dragged “deeper and deeper into a conflict” because of Ukraine’s arms. “The relationship between the two nuclear powers has unpredictable consequences.”

He also said that the Russian ambassadors were under physical threat Troops Faced and the US Secret Service will attempt to establish personal contact with his staff. The Russian embassy in the United States is “like a besieged fortress.” “Basically, we work in a hostile environment. Employees receive threats, including physical threats. Troops.

U.S. security agents are hanging out in front of the embassy CIA– and FBI– Distribute phone numbers. Could not determine whether these claims are true. That CIA And this FBI He declined to comment when asked by Reuters.

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