July 20, 2024

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The refugee found her bed linen in a tank photo

The refugee found her bed linen in a tank photo

During the Ukraine war, Russian soldiers still took everything they had – even Disney bed linen. It was discovered by a refugee from Ukraine.

Briefly essential

  • A Ukrainian man fled his homeland to Britain in April.
  • He later discovered in a photo that his house had been looted.
  • The picture shows a Russian tank carrying their belongings.

Alina Korenyu fled to Great Britain with her two daughters from the Ukraine war in April. Her husband Then had to stayMen under the age of 60 cannot leave the country. She was taken by a family in Nottinghamshire.

Now the shock: In one photo, Koreniuk discovers how a Russian tank carries items from his home.

“My husband sent me the photo and asked if I noticed anything about it,” she says. BBC. The picture shows her boiler, her tablecloth, new Disney– Sheets and a red blanket to look at. There was photography A few days ago Near their old home in Luhansk, Bopasna.

Do you think the Ukraine war will end soon?

They were not surprised that the Russians looted houses during the Ukraine war. “They stole everything they didn’t destroy,” the former police officer says.

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