June 18, 2024

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The Grand Resort Bad Ragas was rocked by departures

The Grand Resort Bad Ragas was rocked by departures

The Grand Resort Bad Ragas always got the attention of the CS leadership after the summer vacation. In a noble box with an attached 18-hole golf course, bankers brainstormed strategies.

Now the King Size Hostel is experiencing its own crisis situation. Several high-functioning executives have jumped ship in recent months.

Patrick Vogler above all. Two years ago, as part of an announced generational change, the CEO moved to the board of directors as a representative, so he was in charge of operations.

In the spring of 2022, he handed over the operational staff to his successor, but wanted to remain on the Grand Resort’s board of directors for the time being.

Now he’s definitely leaving the committee: Vogler is no longer elected to the board of directors in two weeks.

“After 15 successful years at the Grand Resort Bad Ragas, my professional restructuring arose from the desire to spend more time with my family and create something new,” says Vogler.

Something else was planned. Vogler should have delivered the sequel in VR. Now jumps the grand connoisseur of the grand resort.

Like Marco Sanolari. That’s the name of the man who took over the management of the Grand Resort from his predecessor Vogler a year ago.

Janolari has been at the helm since last July. Recently, there was news that he was leaving – he would take over from Bührle’s successor, Gradian Anda, as head of the “living circle”.

No rise, you might think. Other great views at the grand resort, according to the CFO and thermal baths in charge, were thrown in the towel.

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From minus seven to seven million in 2 years, almost the entire old crew that ran the Grand Resort with its 500 employees profit: up and out.

The new takes over the old. First and foremost was Thomas Schmittini, the billionaire, former cement king.

And Grand Resort is the major shareholder.

Schmidheiny announced his resignation from the board of directors of the 5-star establishment in 2021 for 2022; Time has come after 49 years.

Then 180 degrees volts. Schmidheiny will be on board after all. It has been informed that the president will be re-elected in the general meeting to be held on May 9.

Half a century in Grand Resort VR, with no end in sight.

A man named Klaus Schütscher uses a scepter on the upper body. He grew up in the politics of the Principality of Liechtenstein.

Tschütscher was head of government in the state until 2013, after which he became a post-negotiator: Swiss Life, head VR of the University of Liechtenstein.

Recently there has been a scandal. Dischutcher had to resign in December after reports of the “chat” had an inappropriate tone.

Now he seems to have some free time. In any case, Tschütscher acts as an “active” leader at the Grand Resort.

“Class Schutcher took place at the request of Dr. Board of Directors and major shareholder,” says a spokesperson.

“This is an interim solution until a new CEO takes charge of the entire board. The board of directors has begun a search for that.