March 4, 2024

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The giant yacht that sank was owned by Russian oligarch Gennady Ayvasyan

The video showed a dramatic dive off the Italian coast

The multi-million boat that sank was owned by a Russian oligarch

Video shows a giant superyacht disappearing at sea off Italy last Sunday. Now it is clear: the ship belongs to a Russian oligarch. It is unclear why the boat traveled to Italy. Because: He is also sanctioned by the West.


A superyacht sank off the coast of Italy last Sunday.

A video of a giant boat sinking into the sea in Italy recently went viral on the internet. Dramatic footage showed how the 40-meter “My Saga” and millions of others disappeared into the water. The incident took place last Sunday on the beach of the town of Catanzaro in Calabria, southern Italy.

again”Corrier della Sera» As now reported, the superyacht belongs to Russian oligarch and coal merchant Gennady Ayvasyan. The incident is currently being investigated by the Italian judiciary. As the newspaper continued, investigators could not shake the feeling that the incident was no ordinary accident at sea. However, the motive behind the sinking is still unclear.