July 20, 2024

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The federal president called for formalin vaccines

The federal president called for formalin vaccines

A new variant of the corona virus is spreading in Europe. Now federal President Guy Formelin has called on the population to be vaccinated and increased.

Briefly essentials

  • The new corona variant “Omikron” is spreading rapidly in Europe.
  • So the federal president calls for hand formalin vaccines.

In South Africa is another The new corona variant that worries the world has appeared. “Omikron” is now spreading rapidly in Europe. The federal president echoes Formalin’s warning – and calls for vaccinations.

Compared to “SonntagsZeitung”, Formelin said: “It is important that everyone is aware of their responsibility.” Therefore, everyone should follow the precautionary measures of the Central Government and the zones. Of Federal Council Keep the new situation Eye And take appropriate action.

Corona virus: The new variant is highly contagious

Early signs suggest that the new variant may be slightly more contagious than the original corona virus. However, the vaccine still has to protect against serious diseases.

Formalin advises on vaccination: “Get vaccinated, vaccinated and vaccinated a third time,” he told the newspaper. Those who were vaccinated six months ago should now increase.

In addition, the new variant must be prevented from spreading in Switzerland. Formalin therefore calls on the returnees to return to “ten days of isolation”.

The first European case in Belgium

Also BAG Has already set up other countriesIn which «Omikron ஏற்பட்டது occurred in the isolated list. These include Great Britain, the Netherlands and Egypt.

Are you worried about the new corona variant?

There were no cases in Switzerland until Saturday evening. It was Friday in Belgium in Europe The first case discovered. Since then, one country after another has reported “Omikron” infections.

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