April 19, 2024

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Si nurse talks about a dramatic hospital situation

The fourth wave in Austria, the corona virus is firmly under control. A nurse describes a dramatic situation in a hospital.

Briefly essentials

  • There is an emergency in many hospitals in Austria.
  • Various stations have been closed to accommodate the corona sector.
  • A nurse talks about “corpses parked in the aisle due to overcrowding”.

In Austria, many hospitals have once again reached their capacity. Due to the fourth corona wave, wards have been partially closed to make room for corona patients.

This is also felt by the nursing staff: according to a nurse at an Upper Austrian hospital, the workload has again increased significantly. Let it rule – once again – Emergency In hospitals.

Corona virus: Emergency due to high mortality

The barrel finally overflowed earlier this week. According to “Oe24”, there have been several deaths in a hospital, and the case came to its limit overnight.

In a conversation with the Austrian press agency “APA”, a nurse describes the current situation: “The corpses had to be parked in the aisle because of the large crowd.”

Every death caused by the corona virus is a huge psychological burden for caregivers. Usually, after a death, he prepares the dead patient when those who have left him for relatives want to say goodbye.

It’s not in the highly infected corpses infected with the corona virus: “You put the dead in the corona naked in an airtight plastic bag and close the zip, that’s all,” the long-term nurse explains.

Trials and many extra time

Trials between life and death Dot Can determine, can experience it up close. Only recently was a woman brought in with a 50 percent oxygen concentration.

“Usually this is a serious case,” the nurse says. However, due to lack of space, the woman was not taken to the intensive care unit. The patient survived “only by luck”.

In Austria, the lockdown for the unvaccinated has been in effect since Monday – do you think that’s okay?

The nurse is tired from the heavy load, so she hopes to get some relief soon. “Once you wake up, you don’t have to look at the next request to sign in on your mobile phone,” he says.

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