June 13, 2024

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The epidemic is currently spreading in Switzerland

The omigran variant of the corona virus will dominate Switzerland for the next few days. Experts agree: Now the infection is as follows.

Briefly essentials

  • The Omigron virus will dominate Switzerland over the next few days.
  • It seems like an epidemic is unavoidable in this country.

The new variant of the corona virus hides the holidays. In many countries, Omigron rarely takes care of them these days Two-year epidemic for new record peak. Due to the steep growth curves, some experts talk about a wall instead of a wave. The unprecedented speed of virus transmission creates a new starting point in Switzerland: Omigron will dominate the country for the next few days.

In Zurich alone, for example, more than half of all new infections can be diagnosed mutually. AgainstNZZ am Sonntag “According to Gov. Task Force Vice President Urs Kerr, Omigron dominates the Zurich area.” A similar picture emerges in other cities, according to the report.

At the newspaper’s request, task force chairman Thanja Stadler confirmed on Saturday: “There will be Omigron these days. Dominant diversity across the country. “ Jர்க்rg Wutsinger, director of the Swiss Institute of Tropical and Public Health, also makes it clear: “Omigran cannot be stopped, and pollution is inevitable.” The question is how soon and at what price.

Woodsinger thinks “no country” will be saved from the new variant of the corona virus. Switzerland may be two or three weeks behind, “but Omikron will spread rapidly in this country.” According to experts, it is not clear whether the measures in place since Monday will be sufficient to avoid burdening hospitals.

The omigran variant of the corona virus puts us in the “post-infection stage”

Christian Troston believes that perhaps we have come to a variation where we can go to the “endemic stage”. What exactly does the German star virologist mean? As he mentioned in an interview, we can assume that variation will continue to come with us even after the epidemic.

“It will either completely replace the delta or be in circulation with the delta.” Omikron is the first “post-infection virus” to cause its infection, Drosten told SonntagsZeitung.

Hope: The new variant of the corona virus will not make you as seriously ill as its predecessor. According to Troston, this has not yet been scientifically confirmed. However, preliminary studies from South Africa and Great Britain show that attenuation is not limited to vaccines.

Nevertheless, the expert sees large vaccination gaps as a problem in older people. “If we allow the virus now, we will have multiple deaths and full intensive care units.”

Worried about Omicron?

How one closes the vaccine gap remains a task for politics and ultimately for society. It remains to be seen whether the current measures will be implemented or not Introduce 1G (“Boost”), Warns Troston.

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